EventOn + Addons – WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin

January 31, 2024 (4 months ago)

EventOn + Addons – WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin

Post NameEventOn + Addons – WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin
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Are you looking for a powerful and versatile event calendar plugin for your WordPress website? Look no further than EventOn + Addons, the ultimate WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin developed by ashanjay. With EventOn + Addons, you can effortlessly create and manage single or multiple-day events, customize event details, and provide an interactive calendar experience for your website visitors. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of EventOn + Addons, highlighting its capabilities in enhancing your virtual event management.

What is EventOn + Addons?

EventOn + Addons is a feature-rich WordPress plugin designed to provide a comprehensive virtual event management solution. Developed by ashanjay, this plugin offers a wide range of functionalities and customization options to create and showcase events on your website. Whether you’re organizing webinars, conferences, workshops, or any other virtual events, EventOn + Addons equips you with the tools to effectively manage and promote your events.


  1. Supports single and multiple-day events: EventOn + Addons allows you to create events that span across a single day or multiple days, accommodating a variety of event durations.
  2. Create single-day events: Easily create events with specific start and end times for one-day occurrences.
  3. Create events without end day or time: For events that don’t have a fixed end time or span multiple days, EventOn + Addons provides the flexibility to create events without specifying an end day or time.
  4. Create all-day events: Organize events that last for the entire day, providing a seamless and continuous experience for attendees.
  5. Duplicate events in wp-admin: Save time and effort by duplicating events directly within the WordPress admin area. This feature simplifies the process of creating similar or recurring events.
  6. Exclude certain events from the calendar: Choose specific events to exclude from the calendar view, allowing you to focus on showcasing relevant and important events.
  7. Span events until end time while hiding end time: Display events on the calendar with a defined start time and duration while hiding the end time, providing a clean and concise visual representation.
  8. Set event location image: Enhance event details by adding location images, providing a visual representation of the event venue.
  9. Set location by latitude longitude: Accurately pinpoint event locations by setting latitude and longitude coordinates, ensuring precise mapping functionality.
  10. Save locations and re-use them for events: Store event locations for future use, making it easy to add consistent and frequently used venues to new events.
  11. Set event organizer contact information: Include contact information for event organizers, enabling attendees to easily reach out for inquiries or additional details.
  12. Save event organizer for re-using in events: Save event organizer details for convenient reuse in multiple events, eliminating the need to manually enter the same information repeatedly.
  13. Learn more about the event link support: Provide additional information or external resources related to the event by adding a “Learn more” link, directing attendees to relevant webpages.
  14. Various options for how a user can interact with events: Customize the user interaction options for events, allowing visitors to RSVP, register, or take other desired actions directly from the calendar.
  15. Use universal time and date format through your website: Maintain consistent time and date formats throughout your website, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors across different regions.
  16. Schema SEO content support for calendar events: Optimize your event content for search engines by utilizing Schema SEO support, enhancing the visibility and discoverability of your events.
  17. Ability to auto archive past events: Automatically archive past events to keep your calendar organized and focused on upcoming events. This feature simplifies event management and improves user experience.
  18. Easily add custom CSS styles via eventON Settings: Customize the appearance of your event calendar by easily adding custom CSS styles directly through the EventON settings, allowing you to achieve the desired visual aesthetic.
  19. Customize calendar month/year format: Tailor the month and year format of your calendar to suit your preferences or regional conventions, ensuring a consistent and familiar date display.
  20. Customize calendar date and time formats: Adjust the date and time formats used in the calendar view, accommodating various date and time representations based on your audience’s preferences.
  21. Ability to reset calendar appearance to default easily: Revert any customization made to the calendar appearance and easily reset it to the default settings, providing a quick and straightforward way to start fresh.
  22. Ability to open eventCards on load: Set eventCards to open automatically when the calendar is loaded, providing immediate access to event details without requiring users to click on individual events.
  23. Display upcoming events list by months: Showcase a list of upcoming events organized by months, giving visitors a quick overview of events happening in the future.
  24. Pre-set calendar event order ASC/DESC: Control the order in which events are displayed on the calendar by pre-setting the event order as ascending or descending based on your preferences.
  25. Show featured events above others in the calendar: Highlight specific events by displaying them above others on the calendar, drawing attention to key events or promotions.
  26. Show calendar with only featured events: Customize the calendar view to show only featured events, streamlining the user experience and focusing on the most important events.
  27. Create calendars with featured images on the list: Enhance the visual appeal of your calendar by displaying featured images alongside event listings, making the calendar more engaging and visually appealing.
  28. Dynamic “load more” pagination of events in the calendar: Implement dynamic pagination for events in the calendar, allowing users to load additional events without navigating away from the current page.
  29. Show calendar for certain fixed months: Choose specific fixed months to display on the calendar, ideal for promoting events happening within a particular time frame.
  30. Ability to set eventCard opening to act as accordion style: Configure eventCards to open and close in an accordion-style manner, providing a compact and organized view of event details.
  31. RTL support: EventOn + Addons offers right-to-left (RTL) language support, catering to websites that require RTL language display.
  32. Show a limit number of events per month on the calendar: Set a limit on the number of events displayed per month on the calendar, ensuring a clean and manageable view for users.
  33. Categorized events based on custom taxonomies: Categorize events based on custom taxonomies, enabling users to filter events based on specific criteria or topics.
  34. Create calendars with only events from certain event categories: Generate calendars that exclusively display events from specific event categories, providing focused and targeted calendar views.
  35. Completely customize all the data on event rows in the calendar: Customize and fine-tune the data displayed on event rows in the calendar view, tailoring the information to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  36. Customize Google Maps interactive features such as mouse scroll, zoom, etc.: Take control of the interactive features of Google Maps integrated with EventOn + Addons. Customize settings such as mouse scroll behavior, zoom levels, and more for a tailored user experience.
  37. AJAX-driven smooth month-to-month navigation: Experience seamless and smooth navigation between months in the calendar view, providing a fluid and user-friendly browsing experience.
  38. Add calendar to your theme via shortcode or PHP template tag: Easily integrate the EventOn + Addons calendar into your WordPress theme using either a shortcode or PHP template tag, ensuring a seamless integration with your website’s design.
  39. Integrated PayPal to accept payments for events: Enable attendees to make payments for events seamlessly by integrating PayPal payment functionality. Collect event registration fees or ticket payments effortlessly.
  40. Custom Language Text support and includes POT file for further customization: Customize the language used within the EventOn + Addons plugin to match your target audience. The plugin provides support for custom language text, allowing you to tailor the user interface to your specific requirements.
  41. Set events to show at random order: Randomize the display order of events on the calendar, providing a fresh and varied experience for visitors each time they access the calendar.
  42. Show events only for logged-in users: Restrict event visibility to logged-in users, creating exclusive events or private gatherings accessible only to registered members.
  43. Individual email to receive payments via PayPal per event: Assign specific email addresses to receive event payments via PayPal for each event, ensuring efficient management and tracking of payments.
  44. Make certain custom fields only visible to admin or logged-in users: Customize the visibility of specific custom fields, restricting their display to admin users or logged-in users, allowing for secure and targeted information sharing.


EventOn + Addons, developed by ashanjay, is a powerful and comprehensive WordPress plugin that empowers you to create and manage virtual events with ease. With its extensive array of features, including support for single and multiple-day events, customization options, PayPal integration, and more, EventOn + Addons provides a complete solution for event management on your WordPress website. Enhance your virtual event experience, engage your audience, and streamline your event organization process with EventOn + Addons. Please note that acquiring the plugin from official and trustworthy sources is highly recommended to ensure security, updates, and support.

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