StackFood Multi Restaurant – Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel

January 31, 2024 (4 months ago)

StackFood Multi Restaurant – Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel

Post NameStackFood Multi Restaurant - Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel
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StackFood, developed by sixamtech, is a comprehensive solution designed for online food ordering and delivery businesses. It offers a complete package that includes web and mobile applications, allowing restaurants to efficiently manage their operations and provide a seamless ordering and delivery experience to their customers.

What is StackFood?

StackFood is a robust platform that consists of web and mobile applications for users, restaurants, and delivery personnel. It enables restaurants to showcase their menus, accept orders, manage deliveries, and process payments, while customers can easily browse through restaurants, place orders, and track their deliveries.


  1. Draw Accurate Coverage Area on the Map: StackFood allows restaurants to define their precise delivery coverage areas on the map, ensuring efficient and accurate delivery management.
  2. Dispatch Management: The platform provides advanced dispatch management features, enabling efficient allocation and tracking of delivery personnel for each order.
  3. Complete Featured User App: StackFood offers a comprehensive user app with features like restaurant browsing, menu selection, order placement, real-time order tracking, and seamless payment options.
  4. Food Management: Restaurants can easily manage their menus, including adding, updating, and categorizing food items, ensuring an up-to-date and user-friendly ordering experience.
  5. Delivery Men Apps: Delivery personnel have dedicated mobile apps that allow them to manage their assigned orders, navigate to delivery locations, and update order statuses.
  6. Manual Assign Delivery Man: Restaurants have the flexibility to manually assign delivery personnel to specific orders, ensuring efficient order fulfillment.
  7. Business Setting: StackFood provides extensive business settings options, allowing restaurants to customize various aspects of their operations, including delivery fees, operating hours, and more.
  8. Multiple Payment Gateways: The platform supports multiple payment gateways, providing customers with a variety of secure and convenient payment options.
  9. Advanced Order Management: StackFood offers advanced order management features, including order status tracking, order history, and order cancellation capabilities.
  10. Reporting and Statistics: Restaurants can access comprehensive reports and statistics, gaining valuable insights into their sales, customer behavior, and overall business performance.
  11. Marketing Section: StackFood includes a marketing section where restaurants can promote special offers, discounts, and loyalty programs to attract and retain customers.
  12. Employee Section: The platform offers an employee section where restaurants can manage their staff, including roles, permissions, and schedules.
  13. SMS OTP Integrated: StackFood integrates SMS OTP (One-Time Password) verification for enhanced security and user authentication.
  14. Multiple Restaurants: The platform supports multiple restaurants within a single system, allowing users to choose from a variety of dining options.
  15. Accounts Section: StackFood provides an accounts section for restaurants to manage their finances, including invoicing, payment tracking, and financial reports.


In conclusion, StackFood is a comprehensive solution for online food ordering and delivery businesses. With its superb web panels for admin and restaurant management, along with user and delivery personnel mobile applications, StackFood offers a complete package to streamline operations and enhance the online food ordering and delivery system. With features like accurate coverage area mapping, dispatch management, advanced order management, multiple payment gateways, and robust reporting capabilities, StackFood provides restaurants with the tools they need to offer a seamless and efficient ordering experience to their customers. The platform’s responsive design ensures a great user experience across devices, while the admin dashboard serves as a centralized hub for managing customers, menus, deliveries, and more. With regular updates, clean code, and active customer support, StackFood ensures constant development and provides value for money. Whether you’re a small restaurant or a large-scale food delivery business, StackFood offers flexibility, scalability, and the necessary features to thrive in the competitive online food industry.

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