WooCommerce Upload Files

January 31, 2024 (4 months ago)

WooCommerce Upload Files

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Introduction to WooCommerce Upload Files

WooCommerce Upload Files, developed by vanquish, is a versatile plugin that enhances the functionality of your WooCommerce store by allowing customers to upload files directly during their shopping experience. Whether it’s for customization requests, additional information, or attaching relevant documents, this plugin provides a seamless and efficient way to collect and manage uploaded files. With its extensive features and customization options, WooCommerce Upload Files empowers both store owners and customers to create a personalized and interactive shopping environment.

What is WooCommerce Upload Files?

WooCommerce Upload Files is a powerful plugin designed to extend the capabilities of your WooCommerce store by enabling customers to upload files directly on various pages, including product pages, the checkout process, the cart, and order pages. This plugin revolutionizes the way you interact with your customers, allowing them to provide essential files or information to enhance their shopping experience. Whether you run a print shop that requires artwork files, a customization business that needs specific design instructions, or any other store that benefits from customer uploads, WooCommerce Upload Files is the perfect solution.

Features of WooCommerce Upload Files

  1. Product Page Uploads: Customers can easily upload files directly on the product page, allowing them to provide additional details, customization requirements, or any other relevant information specific to the product they are purchasing.
  2. Individual Products Configurator: This feature enables you to configure upload options for each product individually, giving you complete control over the specific files or information you need from your customers for each item.
  3. Checkout, Cart, and Order Pages Uploads: WooCommerce Upload Files allows customers to upload files at different stages of the shopping process, such as during checkout, in the cart, or on order pages, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience.
  4. Required Field Option: You can mark specific upload fields as required, ensuring that customers provide essential files or information before completing their purchase.
  5. Field Visibility According to User Role: With this feature, you can control the visibility of upload fields based on the user’s role. You can display or hide specific fields according to different user roles, providing a tailored experience for each customer group.
  6. Field Visibility According to Selected Payment Method: WooCommerce Upload Files allows you to show or hide specific upload fields based on the selected payment method. This flexibility ensures that customers only see relevant fields based on their chosen payment option.
  7. Field Positioning: Customize the position of upload fields on various pages, such as the product page, checkout, or cart, to align with your desired layout and optimize the user experience.
  8. Multiple Files for Single Upload Field: Customers can upload multiple files using a single upload field, simplifying the process for customers who need to provide multiple related documents or images.
  9. Multiple Files and Quantity Selection: This feature enables customers to select quantities and upload multiple files for a single product or order, allowing for flexible and efficient file submission.
  10. Crop Images Before Uploading: WooCommerce Upload Files includes the ability for customers to crop and adjust images before uploading them, ensuring that the uploaded files meet your specific requirements or size restrictions.
  11. Extra Fees/Discount Pre-upload with Special: You can apply extra fees or discounts based on the uploaded files, allowing you to charge additional fees for specific services or offer discounts for certain file types.
  12. Customizable Button Texts: Customize the texts displayed on the upload buttons to align with your branding and provide clear instructions to customers.
  13. WPML and Upload Fields Texts: The plugin supports WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) for multilingual websites, allowing you to translate and customize the texts related to the upload fields to provide a localized experience.
  14. Responsive Fields Display: WooCommerce Upload Files is designed to provide a responsive display of upload fields, ensuring that customers can easily access and interact with the file upload feature across various devices and screen sizes.
  15. Shortcodes: The plugin offers shortcodes that allow you to embed upload fields in custom locations or pages, providing flexibility in the placement of file upload functionality.
  16. Image/Audio Preview: Customers can preview uploaded images or listen to audio files before finalizing their purchase, ensuring the accuracy and suitability of the uploaded content.
  17. Upload Summary Feature: WooCommerce Upload Files provides a summary of the uploaded files, allowing customers to review their selections and make any necessary adjustments before completing their purchase.
  18. Uploads Counter: Keep track of the number of files uploaded for each product or order, providing valuable insights and facilitating effective management of customer submissions.
  19. Customer Feedback Text and Disclaimer: Customize the feedback text and disclaimer message displayed to customers after they upload files, providing clear instructions, guidance, or any additional information you deem necessary.
  20. Upload Progress Bar: Display a progress bar to indicate the status of file uploads, enhancing the user experience and providing real-time feedback.
  21. Bulk Uploads Delete: Easily manage and delete uploaded files in bulk, simplifying the maintenance and organization of uploaded content.


WooCommerce Upload Files by vanquish is a powerful plugin that revolutionizes the way your WooCommerce store interacts with customers. With its wide range of features, such as product page uploads, individual products configurator, and flexible field visibility options, this plugin provides a seamless and efficient file upload experience. The ability to customize button texts, apply extra fees or discounts, and utilize shortcodes further enhances the versatility and personalization of the file upload process.

By incorporating WooCommerce Upload Files into your online store, you can streamline customer interactions, collect essential files or information, and provide a tailored shopping experience. Ensure customer satisfaction and improve the efficiency of your WooCommerce store with WooCommerce Upload Files.

To learn more about WooCommerce Upload Files and to obtain the plugin, visit the official publishing website at https://nulled4me.com/. The plugin is available at the official price of USD 28, offering excellent value for its extensive features and capabilities.

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